Zapier is a web tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time.


We have created a Zapier App which allows you to automatically Send and Schedule SMS messages and also Make a Call off the back of a trigger from another platform.

Our Zapier App is currently Early Access so to be able to start using it, please head to Zapier - TTNC Integration and click 'Start using TTNC now!'.

Zaps, the name Zapier gives for an automated workflow, are made using two main components, triggers and actions. A trigger is something that happens to start a Zap's workflow.

An action is something your Zap does after a trigger occurs. Usually, this would be the writing of an email, or using our App the sending of an SMS or making a call. There can only be one trigger in a Zap, but there can be more than one action.