Inbound SMS

How to accept SMS messages through your TTNC Number


Inbound SMS number restrictions

Not all of our numbers allow inbound SMS. This table shows the numbers which have the functionality and those that do not.

Number Type Purchased Ported
All UK Local Numbers
0207 & 0208 Local Numbers
UK Mobile Numbers
UK Non-Geographic Numbers
All International Numbers*
US & Canadian Local Numbers*
Romanian National Numbers*

*All SMS received on a TTNC international number have a charge of £0.02/SMS (2p)

There are three ways you can read the inbound messages - online on myTTNC, have them forwarded to your email or receive them directly on your mobile.


Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile doesn't allow SMS messages to be sent to a landline telephone number.

Enabling Inbound SMS

Just follow these steps on myTTNC to start receiving SMS messages to your Local Number:

  1. Log in by either clicking on the login button in the header or by going to
  2. Click on the Phone Numbers tab in the left hand menu.
  3. Click on the Edit button on the number you want to setup Inbound SMS (this must be an 01 or 02 Local number).
Click the 'Edit' buttonClick the 'Edit' button

Click the 'Edit' button

  1. Select Inbound SMS from the list of services.
Select 'Inbound SMS' from the list of servicesSelect 'Inbound SMS' from the list of services

Select 'Inbound SMS' from the list of services

  1. There are two ways to receive your SMS messages:
  • Via email: this is free.
  • Via SMS message to your mobile: Please note this will incur a cost of an SMS message. This cost is 6p per SMS unless you buy credits in bulk.

To add an email or mobile number, simply type it into the relevant destination field. You can add or remove destinations by clicking the plus and minus buttons next to the destination fields.

Type the destinations into the inputsType the destinations into the inputs

Type the destinations into the inputs

  1. To apply the settings, just click confirm. When someone sends an SMS message to your Local Number, we will forward the message to either your email address or mobile (or both).

Viewing your received SMS messages in myTTNC

As well as having your inbound messages forwarded to your email or mobile, you can also view any messages you've received on the SMS Logs or SMS conversations in myTTNC.

SMS messages should only contain Latin characters, any other characters sent to our network may display incorrectly in myTTNC.


Due to the nature of SMS services, we're unable to guarantee the receipt of every SMS.

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