Gigaset DECT Phones

Logging into the web interface on a browser

  • Press the central button on your handset and navigate to the Settings icon which is a Spanner.
  • Scroll down to select 'System' and then 'Local Network’ to get the IP Address of the base station.
  • Enter the IP Address into a browser on a computer on the same network as the base station
  • Enter the following credentials


Pin: 0000

Registering a VoIP User

Click on Settings and then Telephony. This should load up the Connections page. Click the Edit button next to the account you're registering - for example, 'IP1'.


Select your account.

You'll need to fill out the following VoIP User details which can all be found in myTTNC


Authentication name: Username
Authentication password: Password
Username: Username
Display name: Username

Click 'Show advanced settings'
Domain: Domain
Registration server: Domain

Registering an Additional Handset

You're able to register multiple handsets to your Base Station.

On the new handset, select the following.


Menu → Settings (spanner icon) → Handset → Register Handset
If asked to enter a PIN, the default is 0000
The message 'Base' will flash on the phone display
Within 60 seconds of doing this, press and hold the blue button on the front of the base station for 3 seconds
Your new handset will display the handset number to indicate successful registration

Configure Additional Handsets For Calls

Once you've registered multiple handsets, you're able to select the accounts which they use for inbound and outbound calls.


Under Settings → Telephony → Number Assignment

"for incoming calls" - tick the lines you'd like the handset to receive calls on
"for outgoing calls" - select the line you'd like the handset to make calls from

Changing Codecs

Our preferred codec to be used is G.711 a law.


Under Settings → Telephony → Audio

"Voice quality" to 'Own codec preference'
Click 'Show advanced settings'
"Selected codecs" to 'G.711 a law'

Network Transport Protocol

UDP is our preferred Transport Protocol as it's usually faster, simpler, and more efficient than TCP, however, in some scenarios, TCP may be the better Transport to use. This can be changed by updating the following:


Under Settings → Telephony → IPX - Edit → Show Advanced Settings

"Select Network Protocol" to 'UDP' or 'TCP'

Configuring Call Transfers

You're able to transfer calls to other VoIP User extensions or telephone numbers.

To enable Call Transfers, set the following:


Under Settings → Telephony → Advanced VoIP Settings

"Use the R key to initiate call transfer" to 'Yes'

Updating Firmware

Gigaset occasionally makes updates to the firmware for their phones.


To update the firmware, navigate to Management → Firmware Update.

Underneath the 'Firmware Update - Base' heading, please ensure the 'Data server' field is populated with the following URL:

Click the 'Update firmware' button.