Buying your first TTNC Number

In order to create an account, you first need to find a number and buy it.

Buying a number and creating an account is simple.

Firstly you need to work out on the type of number you want. This could be:

Selecting a number

Once decided, go to the relevant page and select the number range (dialling code) you want from the drop-down list in the purple box.

If you want a particular sequence of numbers at the end of your new number this can be typed into the End Pattern box, leaving this blank will return every possible number in the range you select.


Press Select and all the matching numbers are displayed. They are split into pricing brackets based on how memorable the number is.

Standard numbers are made up of random digits, whereas Bronze numbers and above will have repeated sequences, sets and figures. The higher the bracket, the more duplicated numbers and sequences will feature.


When you have found a number you wish to purchase, click on the number and it will be highlighted.
Once you're happy, click I'm ready to buy


You can then customise your account by select the call management package that you would like on your account (these features will be available to all the numbers within your account), once selected you will see a summary of your basket on the right-hand side.

Purchasing a number


Further down the page, you can select the individual Bolt On that you require for the individual number you are purchasing.


Finally, you can select the type of Call Credit you desire, this can be a Pay Monthly tariff or Pay As You Go. Unless you're certain to 'hit the ground running' with your new number, it would be advisable to select PAYG. - All numbers except 084 numbers require Call Credit to receive inbound calls.


Selecting 'Pay As You Go' as the Call Credit type, allows you to add either £10, £25 or £50 call credit to your basket.


Selecting 'Pay Monthly' as the Call Credit type allows you to select the monthly tariff you desire.


Once you're happy with your choices, click Save and continue. Then enter your personal details to create your account and finally enter payment details to complete the purchase.


Setting up simple Call Forwarding

Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a welcome email which features a link to the myTTNC control panel.


To set up Call Forwarding, log into myTTNC, then click on Phone Numbers in the left-hand menu.


Click Edit on the number you want to set up.


Click the 'Edit' button

  1. Select Call Forwarding from the list of services.

Select Call Forwarding from the list of services

  1. Click on the Call Forwarding tab at the top.

Select 'Call Forwarding' from the drop down

  1. Enter your desired destination number in the Destination 1 field.

Type the destination number into the input

  1. To apply the settings, just click confirm. From now on, all calls will be forwarded to the single number.

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