Call Queuing

Manage on-hold calls effectively with Call Queuing

You don't want to miss a call and miss an opportunity, but sometimes there are only so many calls you can take at any one time. We've all been kept on hold at some point; no one really likes it, but at least you can try and make the experience as painless as possible. Putting your callers in a queue and explaining clearly that they'll be dealt with as soon as possible helps portray your business in a positive light.

Enabling Call Queuing

Following these simple steps below will enable you to configure this service:

Please note: Certain options in Call Queuing require you to upload a recording to your account.

  1. Log in by either clicking on the login button in the header or by going to
  2. Click on the Phone Numbers tab in the left hand menu.
  3. Click on the Edit button on the number you want to setup Call Queuing.

Click the 'Edit' button

  1. If you have Time Based Forwarding or Virtual Receptionist (Bolt Ons) set up: Call Queuing is classed as a destination service so will not show in the initial list of services. To set up Call Queuing, either go to a Time Plan under Time Based Forwarding or an option under Virtual Receptionist and then select Call Queuing from the list of services.

Otherwise: Select Call Queuing from the list of services.

Select 'Call Queuing' from the list of services

  1. Make sure that the ON/OFF switch is set to ON.

Turn on Call Queuing

  1. There are a number of different options for you to configure:
  • Music on Hold: Allows you to play either music or just ringing when a caller is on hold. If you want to use music just select a sound file from the drop down box. Please note you must have obtained the relevant licenses and rights to play music on hold.

Select either ringing or music on hold

  • Queue Timeout: You can limit how long the customer will be on hold for, before they either go through to voicemail or the call hangs up. This time is based on seconds.

Decide if the call will timeout after a period of time

  • Periodic Message: You can periodically play a message to your callers while they are on hold. Just select a recording from the drop down box and then state how often (in seconds) you want this recording played. You can listen to your recordings using the audio player below.

Periodically play a message to your callers while they wait

  • Queue Channels: If your phone can handle multiple calls at the same time, you can choose how many channels will be in use before the caller is put in the queue. Please note if you are using multiple destinations, each will count as one channel.

Decide if the call will timeout after a period of time

  • Queue Dropout: Periodically offers your queued callers the option to leave you a voicemail. When a caller presses # they will be diverted to your TTNC Voicemail to leave you a message.
  1. To apply these settings, just click confirm. Next time your lines are busy, any new callers will be placed in a queue to ensure you don't miss out on their calls.

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Manage on-hold calls effectively with Call Queuing

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