Telephone Answering Service

The Telephone Answering Service is a great feature for those businesses who just can't get to every call, but still, want their callers to have a conversation rather than leaving a voicemail.

Setting up the Telephone Answering Service

In order to begin the setup process, you'll need to visit the Telephone Answering Service page and complete the enquiry form.

Once we receive your enquiry we will get in touch to ascertain the way in which the service is presented to your callers and what information you wish the service to record for you.

When you're happy with the script, from which the PAs will answer your calls, we will check the information and, unless we have any queries, we will add the Telephone Answering Service to your account.

Forwarding to the Telephone Answering Service

Once the Telephone Answering Service has been added we will add a contact to your Address Book named 'Telephone Answering Service' within your myTTNC


This contact can be used as a single forwarding destination or part of a Hunt Group from the Destination drop-down menu on the Call Forwarding page. It can also be as part of a Ring Group, a time plan using Time Based Forwarding or as an option within a Virtual Receptionist setup.


Changing the Telephone Answering Service script

If you need to alter the script that the PAs use to answer your calls, simply email [email protected] and we can take care of your changes.