Brazil - Number Availability and Regulations

Geographical areas in which we have numbers available to purchase, and the evidence necessary to meet the regulatory requirements for these obtaining numbers.

Available Numbers

We have local number availability in a wide range of areas. Below are all regions and their number prefixes.

If you require numbers in another area of this country, please get in touch as we may be able to source them for you.

Area / CityPrefixArea / CityPrefix
Aracaju 55-79 Londrina 55-43
Bauru 55-14 Maceio 55-82
Belem 55-91 Manaus 55-92
Belo Horizonte 55-31 Maringa 55-44
Brasilia 55-61 Natal 55-84
Campinas 55-19 Pocos de Caldas 55-35
Campo Grande 55-67 Porto Alegre 55-51
Caxias Do Sul 55-54 Recife 55-81
Cuiaba 55-65 Ribeirao Preto 55-16
Curitiba 55-41 Rio De Janeiro 55-21
Florianapolis 55-48 Salvador 55-71
Fortaleza 55-85 Santos 55-13
Goiania 55-62 Sao Jose Do Rio Preto 55-17
Governador Valadares 55-33 Sao Jose Dos Campos 55-12
Ipatinga 55-31 Sao Luis 55-98
Joao Pessoa 55-83 Sao Paulo 55-11
Joinville 55-47 Sorocaba 55-15
Juiz de Fora 55-32 Teresina 55-86
Jundiai 55-11 Vitoria 55-27

Regulatory Requirements

Currently, we do not require evidence of company and personal details, however the requirements set in the country may change at any time; If this occurs, we will request evidence at a later date.

Keep Updated

The requirements for numbers across the world are changing all the time. Please check the International Number Regulations page for any updates.