Call Recording

Inbound Call Recording

Our Inbound Call Recording service can record all of your inbound calls so you can play them back and download them at anytime.

Enabling Call Recording

Following these simple steps below will enable you to configure this service and start automatically recording all incoming calls.

  1. Log in by either clicking on the login button in the header or by going to
  2. Click on the 'Phone Numbers tab in the left hand menu.
  3. Click on the Edit button on the number you want to setup Call Recording.
Click the 'Edit' buttonClick the 'Edit' button

Click the 'Edit' button

  1. If you have Time Based Forwarding or Virtual Receptionist (Bolt Ons) set up: Call Recording is classed as a destination service so will not show in the initial list of services. To set up Call Recording, either go to a Time Plan under Time Based Forwarding or an option under Virtual Receptionist and then select Call Recording from the list of services.

Otherwise: Select Call Recording from the list of services.

Select 'Call Recording' from the list of servicesSelect 'Call Recording' from the list of services

Select 'Call Recording' from the list of services

  1. Make sure that the ON/OFF switch is set to ON.
Turn on Call RecordingTurn on Call Recording

Turn on Call Recording

  • If you have Call Greeting (Bolt On): You can apply a custom disclaimer message using the Call Greeting setup page.
  • If you don't have Call Greeting (Bolt On): We will apply the default Call Recording disclaimer message.
  1. To apply these settings, just click confirm. Next time you receive a call, your caller will hear the disclaimer and then the call will automatically be recorded.

Listening to recordings

To listen to any of your recorded calls, log into your myTTNC account and listen there (you'll find them with your Call Statistics); or download the recording (.wav format) if you want to keep a copy to review at a later stage.

Just so you know, recordings are available on your account for 31 days after the call.

Receive recordings as email

In addition to being able to listen and download your recordings via the Call Statistics within MyTTNC. You can also specify up to 10 recipients to receive call recordings as an email notification.

The email will contain an audio file of the recorded call.
Please note that very long calls may produce an audio file that exceeds your email providers maximum file attachments size. In this instance, you can access these recordings via MyTTNC.

To configure your recipients:

  1. Go to phone numbers and click "Edit" on the phone number you wish to modify
  1. Click on Call Recording
  1. Specify up to 10 email recipients to receive Call Recordings via email.
  1. Once completed, click "Save Changes"

Recording Toggle

You can now pause all inbound and outbound call recordings. Reassure your customers when processing payments over the phone and prevent sensitive data from being stored.

This feature is available on all forms of call recording:

  • Inbound call recording
  • Outbound via VoIP User and SIP Trunks
  • Make a Call
  • Dial Through

By pressing '555' on your keypad the recording will be paused and both sides will hear a beep to confirm.

If you have an IP desk phone with memory keys, this can easily be configured to toggle with a single button press.

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