Call Tracking

Call Tracking is the process of linking an inbound phone call with a source, usually a marketing channel. Call Tracking is used to evidence the success of a campaign, and to optimise future marketing strategy.

There are two types of Call Tracking; Static and Dynamic. Both will require multiple telephone numbers to track your calls - see our guide to adding more UK numbers.

Static Call Tracking

This is usually used for offline and simple online advertising, where a single number is displayed or printed. Each advertising source has its own unique number, meaning calls can be tracked simply.

Dynamic Call Tracking

Also known as Dynamic Number Insertion, can be used for online advertisements and websites, where you're looking for information about your visitor's journey.

Currently, Dynamic Call Tracking can only be done with our Google Analytics Integration.

Call Statistics

The simplest way to track your calls is with the Call Detail Records (CDR) which can be viewed in the Call Logs. The data recorded can be filtered and viewed within myTTNC and can also be downloaded in the form of a .CSV file.

You can add frequent callers as Contacts - This means that the Call Log can be enhanced to see when the regulars call in.

Aliases and Tags

To track your calls effectively you may need a large range of numbers, one for every advert, mailshot, trade directory, etc, you choose to show your contact number. This can make accessing the correct number difficult in myTTNC.

By using Aliases and Tags you can easily filter on the numbers you need to look at.

Number Aliases
You can assign each number an Alias, or nickname, which could be the specific advertising medium or campaign, then simply search for that Alias to view the specific number functionality or Call Logs.

Number Tags
You can assign a Tag to multiple numbers, and each number can have multiple Tags. If you're running a series of adverts in the same publication, you can add a Tag of the publication name, if you have the same advert running across multiple magazines and newspapers, you can add a Tag of the campaign.

API Integration

Everything you can do within myTTNC has a corresponding API Function; from purchasing new numbers, enabling services, adding Tags and Aliases to extracting CDRs into your system.

To explore our available functions and to get started see our comprehensive API Section on the Developer Hub.