Outbound Fax

Just because you no longer have a fax machine, doesn't mean you can't send faxes. Use the Outbound Fax feature in myTTNC to send attachments to fax numbers.

Sending a Fax

Follow the steps below to send a fax via myTTNC:

  1. Log into myTTNC by going to www.myttnc.co.uk
  2. Click on the Fax tab in the left-hand menu.

Click on Send a fax.

  1. Click on Send Fax

  2. Enter the recipient's number in Send To, and choose the TTNC Number to display in the Send From

  3. Drag and drop or browse for the file to send. Once uploaded, you can view the document.

  4. Tick Receive an Email Receipt to get confirmation of sending, then click Send


The file you upload must be a PDF, JPEG or TIFF file. No other file formats are supported.


Receiving Confirmation

After pressing Send, you will be taken to a page letting you know the progress of the fax. You can stay on that page until you get confirmation, or you can navigate away to other parts of myTTNC; don't worry, we'll give you a notification once the fax is sent.

You can also opt to receive an email confirmation (if you haven't already) once the fax has been sent, so you can navigate away or leave myTTNC altogether.

Re-sending a Failed Fax

On rare occasions, there will be an issue with sending the fax. If this is the case, we will give you a notification of the reason why, and you will have two options:

  • Start over: this will take you back to the Send a Fax page. You will need to follow the steps above to send a fax.
  • Try again: this will try to send the fax again, using the same settings.


Common problems with sending faxes

Recipient busy / no answer - this is the most common cause for send failure, the machine can only accept one fax at a time, retry the send and it is likely to be successful.

Destination number is not in service or is not a fax line - try calling it, to make sure you hear the fax tone.

Receiving machine is off - you'll need to call to check their equipment is ready to receive your fax.

Communication error - the recipient hangs up before the fax has been transmitted.