Polycom IP Desk Phones

Logging into the web interface on a browser

  • Press the home button then go to Settings, Status, Network, TCP/IP Parameters to see the IP Address of the phone
  • Enter the IP Address into a browser on a computer on the same network as the phone
  • Enter the following credentials


Login As: admin
Password: 456

Registering a VoIP User

Click on Settings and then Lines and select the Line you're registering - for example, 'Line 1'.


Select your account.

You'll need to fill out the following VoIP User details which can all be found in myTTNC.


Under Identification
Display Name: Username
Address: Username
Label: Username
Enable SRTP: No
Offer SRTP: No

  • Under Authentication
    Use Login Credentials - Disable
    Domain: Domain
    User ID: Username
    Password: Password
  • Under Server 1
    Address: Domain
    Transport: TCPpreferred
    Expires (s): 60
    Subscription Expires (s): 60
    Register: Yes

Changing Codecs

Our preferred codec to be used is PCMA.


Under Settings β†’ Audio Codec Priority set the following:
In Use: G.711A


Select G.711A.

Network Transport Protocol

UDP is our preferred Transport Protocol as it's usually faster, simpler, and more efficient than TCP, however, in some scenarios, TCP may be the better Transport to use. This can be changed by updating the following:


Settings β†’ SIP β†’ Server 1

"Transport" to 'UDPOnly' or 'TCPonly'