Spain - Number Availability and Regulations

Geographical areas in which we have numbers available to purchase, and the evidence necessary to meet the regulatory requirements for these obtaining numbers.

Available Numbers

We have local number availability in a wide range of areas, as well as national numbers. Below are all regions and their number prefixes.

If you require numbers in another area of this country, please get in touch as we may be able to source them for you.

Area / CityPrefixArea / CityPrefix
A Coruna 34-881 Lleida 34-873
Alacant 34-86 Logrono 34-941
Alava 34-945 Madrid 34-91
Albacete 34-967 Malaga 34-951
Almeria 34-950 Mallorca 34-971
Asturias 34-984 Mallorca 34-871
Avila 34-920 Marbella 34-951
Badajoz 34-824 Murcia 34-868
Baleares 34-871 Navarra 34-948
Barcelona 34-93 Orense 34-988
Betanzos 34-981 Oviedo 34-984
Betanzos 34-881 Pamplona 34-848
Bilbao 34-94 Pontevedra 34-886
Burgos 34-947 Salamanca 34-923
Caceres 34-927 San Sebastian 34-843
Cadiz 34-856 Santa Cruz 34-822
Cartagena 34-868 Santander 34-942
Castellon 34-864 Santander 34-842
Ciudad Real 34-926 Segovia 34-921
Cordoba 34-857 Sevilla 34-95
Cuenca 34-969 Tarragona 34-877
Gijon 34-984 Teruel 34-978
Girona 34-972 Toledo 34-925
Girona 34-872 Toledo 34-825
Granada 34-858 Valencia 34-96
Guadalajara 34-949 Valladolid 34-983
Huelva 34-959 Vigo 34-886
Huesca 34-974 Vitoria - Gasteiz 34-945
Jaen 34-953 Zamora 34-980
Las Palmas 34-928 Zaragoza 34-976
Las Palmas 34-828 Zaragoza 34-876
Leon 34-987

Regulatory Requirements

To comply with regulatory requirements for purchasing international numbers, you will need to provide us with specific information which relates to the phone number you wish to purchase. Below is a summary of the evidence we require.


Local numbers require:

  • Name, business name and contact phone number;
  • Company Registration Certificate;
  • Local address in the same city as the number;
  • Proof of address (a copy of utility bill, no older than 6 months).

* An β€œAddress” means a physical address with which the end-user has an affiliation, not a PO or roadside box, to enable an emergency vehicle to locate the building or facility.

Email all required documentation to [email protected]. The documents must be JPEG, PNG, or PDF files. If you have two or more documents to send, please combine them into a single PDF file of up to 2 MB and only send one file. Full Document Requirements can be found here.

Keep Updated

The requirements for numbers across the world are changing all the time. Please check the International Number Regulations page for any updates.