Make a Call

This allows you to make a call from your TTNC account to any number, actioned when triggered by an event.
This action will create two calls, the first to the person 'making the call', then once connected the second call is made to the destination 'to be called' then the two calls are bridged together.

The cost of each of the two calls would be at your usual rate for the destinations.

Getting Started

All you'll need to get started is a TTNC account with a number and Call Credit and a Zapier account.

  1. Log into Zapier by going to
  2. Click on Make a Zap! in the top menu bar.
  3. Select the App you'd like to use to trigger the TTNC App. In this example, I have selected 'Webhooks by Zapier'.
Select your Trigger.Select your Trigger.

Select your Trigger.

  1. Fill in the trigger information - you may need to follow help guides supplied by the platform you're using.

Selecting your Action

Once you've accepted the invitation to the Early Access, you should see the TTNC Zapier App under the 'Your Apps' section. If you're not able to see this, head to and click 'Start using TTNC now!'

Select the TTNC Zapier App.Select the TTNC Zapier App.

Select the TTNC Zapier App.

  1. Click on the TTNC Zapier App.
  2. Click on the Choose Action Event dropdown and select Make a Call and then click Continue.
Choose your Action.Choose your Action.

Choose your Action.

Signing in

Click on Sign in to TTNC.

A window should open and ask for your TTNC Credentials.

To be able to sign in, you'll need the email address and the password of the main myTTNC account holder.

You will also need a VKey which can be generated in the Applications section of myTTNC.


When creating a VKey to be used with Zapier, you will need to ensure that all IP addresses are allowed. To be able to do this, enter in

Once you've entered all the information, click Yes, Continue.

Customising the Call

You'll be presented with three required pieces of information - the Caller, Callee and CLI.

  • Caller - The phone number of the calling party (usually yourself). This will be the first number dialled and the optional prompt message played.
  • Callee - The phone number of the party to be called. Once the caller has accepted the call, we will dial this number and bridge the call.
  • CLI - The CLI to be presented to the callee. This needs to be a number in your TTNC account.
Customise the message.Customise the message.

Customise the message.

You're also able to use information pulled through from the Trigger by clicking on the Insert a field button.

Insert a fieldInsert a field

Insert a field

Once you've entered in all the details, click Test & Continue.

Test your action.Test your action.

Test your action.

If your test has been successful, click Done Editing and enable your Zap! Don't forget to give it a name to help you identify it.