Information Line

Businesses all over the world use Information Lines. They are quite often used for new product releases and service updates.


To use this functionality, you will need to purchase this Bolt On or a package featuring this Bolt On - For more information, see our step-by-step Purchasing services guide.

Default Information Line Messages

While you're likely to want to add a custom message to your Information Line, we provide a male and a female default message saying "Sorry, our offices are currently closed. Please call back during office hours."
You can listen to them below:

Default Male

Default Female

Setting up an Information Line

Follow these simple steps to change your forwarding destination to Information Line:

  1. Log into myTTNC by going to
  2. Click on Phone Numbers in the left-hand menu.
  1. Click on the three dots next to the number you wish to edit, then click on Edit Forwarding
  1. Click on Change Forwarding Type
  1. Click Information Line
  1. Use the drop-down to select a recording to play. You can listen to the recording using the audio player on the page.


You can upload a recording to use as your Information Line by clicking `Upload New Recording' or following our guide to Upload recordings

  1. Click Apply to save your settings.

Every time someone calls your number, they will hear the same message.


Cost of calls to Information Line

Inbound calls forwarded to Information Line are charged at your UK Landline rate - For Pay As You Go customers, this would be Β£0.025/minute (2.5p).