Inbound Fax

Although sometimes regarded as old fashioned, fax remains an essential part of many businesses and is likely to do so for the next few years.

Receiving faxes in your email inbox can help keep all your communications in one place and allow you to receive faxes in either PDF or TIFF image format.

Setting Up Inbound Fax


Fax or Telephone

A virtual phone number can either receive faxes or receive calls - when 'Fax to Email' is active you will not be able to receive calls to this number.

If a number has standard Call Forwarding, you cannot receive a fax on this number.

Following these simple steps below will enable you to configure this service and start receiving faxes directly into your email inbox:

  1. Log into myTTNC by going to
  2. Click on Phone Numbers in the left-hand menu.
  1. Click on the three dots next to the number you wish to edit, then click on Edit Forwarding
  1. Click on Change Forwarding Type in the Call Forwarding section.
  1. Select 'Fax to Email' and click Next
  1. Enter the email destinations to send the inbound faxes. You can select up to 10 addresses, using the + and - buttons to add and remove destinations.

  2. Select the format in which you wish to receive your faxes, either a TIFF Image or a PDF Document.

  1. To save these settings, click Apply

Whenever someone sends a fax to your number, we will convert it to the file format of your choice and forward it to your email address. Please note that when using Fax to Email you will no longer be able to receive any calls on this number.

Viewing Inbound Faxes

When a fax is received, an email is sent containing the fax image as well as being stored within myTTNC. To access the faxes follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into myTTNC by going to
  2. Click on Fax in the left-hand menu.
  1. Click Received

  2. You can adjust the date range by click on the drop-down list that defaults to 'Today'.

  1. Alternatively, you can view all faxes, sent and received in the Fax Log. See the Fax Log guide for more information.