The Netherlands

Geographical areas in which we have numbers available to purchase, and the evidence necessary to meet the regulatory requirements for obtaining these numbers.

Available Numbers

We have local number availability in a wide range of areas, as well as national numbers. Below are all regions and their number prefixes.

If you require numbers in another area of this country, please get in touch as we may be able to source them for you.

Area / CityPrefixArea / CityPrefix
Alkmaar 31-72 Hengelo 31-74
Almelo 31-546 Hilversum 31-35
Almere 31-36 Hoogeveen 31-528
Alphen aan den Rijn 31-172 Hoorn 31-229
Amersfoort 31-33 Ijmuiden 31-255
Amsterdam 31-20 Leeuwarden 31-58
Apeldoorn 31-55 Leiden 31-71
Arnhem 31-26 Lelystad 31-320
Assen 31-592 Maarssen 31-346
Barneveld 31-342 Maastricht 31-43
Bergen op Zoom 31-164 Middelburg 31-118
Beverwijk 31-251 Middenmeer 31-227
Breda 31-76 Naaldwijk 31-174
Coevorden 31-524 Nijmegen 31-24
Culemborg 31-345 Oosterhout 31-162
Dedemsvaart 31-523 Oss 31-412
Delft 31-15 Purmerend 31-299
Den Burg 31-222 Ridderkerk 31-180
Den Helder 31-223 Roermond 31-475
Deventer 31-570 Roosendaal 31-165
Doetinchem 31-314 Rotterdam 31-10
Dordrecht 31-78 S-Hertogenbosch 31-73
Drachten 31-512 Sittard 31-46
Dronten 31-321 Spijkenisse 31-181
Ede 31-318 Terneuzen 31-115
Eindhoven 31-40 Tiel 31-344
Emmeloord 31-527 Tilburg 31-13
Emmen 31-591 Utrecht 31-30
Enkhuizen 31-228 Venlo 31-77
Enschede 31-53 Venray 31-478
Goes 31-113 Waalwijk 31-416
Goor 31-547 Wageningen 31-317
Gouda 31-182 Weert 31-495
Groningen 31-50 Woerden 31-348
Haarlem 31-23 Zaandam 31-75
Hague 31-70 Zoetermeer 31-79
Harderwijk 31-341 Zuidhorn 31-594
Heerenveen 31-513 Zutphen 31-575
Heerlen 31-45 Zwolle 31-38
Helmond 31-492

Regulatory Requirements

To comply with regulatory requirements for purchasing international numbers, you will need to provide us with specific information which relates to the phone number you wish to purchase. Below is a summary of the evidence we require.


National numbers require proof of:

  • Name, business name and contact phone number;
  • Current address in the Netherlands.

Dutch numbers can only be registered with company details.


Local numbers require proof of:

  • Name, business name and contact phone number;
  • Local address in the same area as the number.

Dutch numbers can only be registered with company details.

* An “Address” means a physical address with which the end-user has an affiliation, not a PO or roadside box, to enable an emergency vehicle to locate the building or facility.

Email all required documentation to [email protected]. The documents must be JPEG, PNG, or PDF files. If you have two or more documents to send, please combine them into a single PDF file of up to 2 MB and only send one file. Full Document Requirements can be found here.

Keep Updated

The requirements for numbers across the world are changing all the time. Please check the International Number Regulations page for any updates.