Viewing Click to Call logs

How many Click to Call requests are you getting? How long do they last for? What did they cost? Use the Click to Call logs to see detailed information on how many requests you've had.

Viewing your Click to Call logs

Every time you receive a Click to Call request, we make a record of it in your Click to Call logs.

  1. Log in by either clicking on the log in button at the top of this page or by going to
  2. Click on the Click to Call tab in the left hand menu.
  3. Select Click to Call logs.

Click the 'Click to Call logs' link in the left hand menu

  1. The table will show the following information:
  • Play: If you've enabled Call Recording on your profile, you can play any recorded calls from the last 31 days.
  • Download: Download a copy of your recorded calls to listen to offline.
  • Time: The time the call took place.
  • Profile Name: The nickname you assign to your Click to Call profile.
  • Display Number: The TTNC number or registered number that is displayed on the handset of the person you are calling back.
  • Operator: Your destination number (the handset you called out from).
  • Called: The customer's phone number that you called back.
  • Durations: There are two figures shown here:
    • The first figure is how long the operator was on the call. This includes the duration of the message (reading out the customer's number).
    • The second figure shows how long the call lasted once connected with your customer.
  • Ringtimes: There are two figures shown here:
    • The first figure is how long the operator took to answer the call.
    • The second figure shows how long it took for the customer to answer. This timer begins once the operator presses the '1' key to initiate the Click to Call.
  • Cost: How much the call cost you.
  • The next column shows the status of the call. We display the following:
    • Green: The call was successful.
    • Orange: The operator rejected the call (by not pressing '1').
    • Red: The call was missed.
    • Grey: The status of the call is unknown.
  • The final column is for additional Information. Click the info icon to bring up the popup, informing you of the URL where the customer requested the Click to Call, as well as any other information they filled out.

Filtering your Click to Call logs

You can filter your Click to Call logs to see exactly the information you want. Your options to filter the logs by are as follows:

  • Select Click to Call profile: This is where you can choose which Click to Call profile to display the call for. By default we show all profiles.
  • Date range: Use this to search a particular date range. Click on one of the date boxes and type the dates or select from the calendar.
  • Status: View calls based on whether they were answered or not.

Select Click to Call profile

Click the Update Results button to filter the logs.