Setting up Click to Call

Before you can start receiving Click to Call requests, you'll first need to register a virtual number and a destination number. You can then add a form to your website and be ready to start communicating with your customers.

Setting up a Click to Call profile

Before you can add the Click to Call form to your website, you'll need to create a profile.

  1. Log in by either clicking on the login button in the header or by going to
  2. Click on the Click to Call tab in the left hand menu.
  3. Click Click to Call profiles.

Click the 'Click to Call profiles' link in the left hand menu

  1. If you have any profiles available, click the 'Add new Click to Call profile' button. Otherwise you will need to purchase additional profiles.

Click the 'Add new Click to Call profile' button

  1. You will need to complete the following fields:
  • Nickname for Click to Call profile: Add a nickname to easily distinguish between your Click to Call profiles.
  • Destination number (your number): This is the number we'll call you on to let you know you have a Click to Call request. This will then connect you with the visitor who requested the Click to Call.
  • Which number would you like to display?: Select the TTNC number or registered number that will be displayed on the handset of the person you are calling back. You can also choose to withhold your number.
  • Enter an email address to be alerted on: Whenever someone requests a call, we'll send you an email for your records. We'll also email you if you miss a Click to Call request.
  • Record calls?: If you'd like to record your calls, simply check the box. Please note this will add a 2p per minute surcharge on top of your call forwarding costs.

Fill out the information

  1. Click the Add Click to Call profile button to register the profile.

Adding a Click to Call form to your website

Once you have a profile registered, you can then add a Click to Call form to your website.

  1. Find the profile you want to set the form up for and click the bottom of the box where it says Get Click to Call installation code.

Click the 'Get code' button

  1. The box will expand and display two text areas:
  • First box: This code will need to be placed inside the head tag on your website.
  • Second box: Place this code in your HTML where you want the link to the Click to Call form to appear.
    This code will add a working form to your website.

Customising the Click to Call form

By using our advanced code, you can completely customise the look and feel of the form using simple CSS to match the design of your website. If you're more technically minded, you can also use JavaScript to capture more information about the customer or trigger the Click to Call request in different ways on your website.

Visit our help page on customising the Click to Call form for more information.

Receiving a Click to Call request

Now you have the Click to Call form on your website, your customers can request a call from you.

  1. Your customer enters their UK landline or mobile number into the form and clicks the 'Submit' button.
  2. The destination number you've set up will start to ring. Upon answering the call, you'll hear a message reading out the phone number of the customer who's requested the call.
  3. To call the customer back, press '1' on your keypad (you can do this at anytime during the message). The call will then connect as normal.


Please note

The Click to Call service will allow your visitors to enter UK landline or UK Mobile number for them to call you back on, as well as several predetermined UK non geographic numbers and International numbers outside of the UK.

If you have specific requirements regarding the numbers you want your visitors to be able to enter, please contact [email protected].

Buying more Click to Call profiles

If you want to display a different number or use a different destination on each of your forms, you'll need to purchase a profile for each. There are two ways to do this:

  1. On the Click to Call profiles page: If you've set up all your available profiles and then try to create a new one, a popup will appear asking you to buy more. Simply select how many profiles you want to buy and then proceed through the order.

Use the controls to select the number of profiles you want

  1. myTTNC Store: You can buy additional profiles whenever you need through the store. Go to the Bolt Ons section and then select Click to Call from the list of services. Select how many profiles you want using the controls in the top right of the page and then proceed through the order.

Use the controls to select the number of profiles you want

Displaying your own number

Don't have a TTNC number or would prefer to just display your own number? No problem, you can register a number to use with any of your Click to Call profiles. Simply email [email protected] with your customer reference and the phone number you want to register. Once the number has been registered, select it from the drop down when creating or editing a Click to Call profile.

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