Setup guide for macOS

TTNC Desktop Softphone Application

The Desktop version of the TTNC Softphone can be downloaded here



Current Mac version: v1.11 - Build 19be38, built on November 29th 2021

Supported macOS: 11 (Big Sur) & 12 (Monterrey)

For a full 'how-to guide' please visit the Desktop Softphone App - User Guide

Provisioning the Application

In order to use the TTNC Softphone you will first need to get your VoIP Username, Domain and Password from myTTNC. To do this log into your myTTNC account.

  1. Select VoIP from the left-hand menu.
  1. Click on the VoIP user section (or select it from the left-hand menu).
  1. Press the Manage button, this will show all VoIP Users associated with the TTNC number, if you have more than one TTNC number, press the button for the number you wish to use.
  1. Find the VoIP User you wish to register and make a note of the Username and the Domain/Outbound Proxy. If you don't know the VoIP User password, then Edit.
  1. Enter a password in the field at the bottom of the screen and press Update credentials, bear in mind that changing this password will cause all current registrations of this VoIP User to fail until the password is updated on the relevant softphone/IP Phone.
  1. Open the downloaded desktop application.

  2. Log in using your TTNC VoIP User details.
    Username = VoIP Username @ VoIP Domain / Outbound Proxy
    Password = VoIP Password

  1. The softphone is ready to use. Ensure that permission to use the microphone is granted.

Default Application For Click To Call Links

  1. Open Facetime.

  2. Click on Preferences.


Click on Preferences

  1. Select TTNC Softphone from the Default for calls dropdown.

Select TTNC Softphone

For a full 'how-to guide' please visit the User Guide for the Desktop Softphone App