Information on our products and services

Making call – Information about making outbound calls with your TTNC number using the Dial Through service.

Account Packages – Information about all the different Call Management Packages we offer.

Bolt On services – Information about all the Bolt On services we have available.

myTTNC – Information about our advanced online control panel – myTTNC.

Call Tracking – See how our different Call Tracking services can help you grow your business.

Google Analytics Integration Guide – Track phone calls back to their original source in Google Analytics.

Click to Call – Add a form to your website for customers to request a call back.

VoIP Services

Information for new customers

SLA – Service Level Agreement.

Network and Service Status – Service announcements concerning our IP or telecom services.

Payment and Banking details – Details of how to pay invoices and how to send funds to us.

Direct Debit Form – You can set up Direct Debit in myTTNC or if you'd prefer, fill out and return this Direct Debit form.

Network information

Our Network – Information about our Network, capacity, failover and redundancy.

TTNC Network Diagram – A diagram showing the TTNC network.

PECN Network Diagram – A diagram showing how TTNC links with the PSTN network.

Terms and Conditions

Code of Practice – Our Code of Practice informs you about our products, services, and customer care policies and has been approved by Ofcom, the independent regulator for the UK Communications Industry.

General Terms and Conditions – General Terms and Conditions of the usage of TTNC's Network, Products and Services.

Schedule 1 – Automatic Top Up.

Schedule 2 – Call Share Revenue.

Schedule 3 – Professional Voice Recording.

Schedule 4 – Refer-a-Friend scheme.

Website and Control Panel Terms – Terms of Usage for TTNC's websites.


UK Non Geographic Numbering Plan – List of Non Geographic number ranges we have available.

UK Geographic Numbering Plan – List of Geographic number ranges we have available.

International Numbering Plan – List of International Local and Toll-Free numbers we have available.

Ofcom Numbering Plan – The 2013 Ofcom Numbering Plan.

Premium Rate Service (PRS)

PhonepayPlus Code of Practice – It is your responsibility as a supplier of a PRS to ensure that you are familiar, and compliant, with the PPP Code of Practice.

API information & instructions on use

API Access - Details of how to access our API.

Novero API Documentation - Details about how to use the features included with Novero API (version 1.5).

Developer Centre - Our Developer Centre includes information on all the features and ways you can integrate with the TTNC API.

Number Porting

Porting guide - Please ensure you read this thoroughly before submitting a port to us as it will be rejected if there are mistakes. This is chargeable and causes delays, so it is in your interest to ensure that your porting requests are correct.

Number Porting Submission - Submit your port request here.

Letter of Authorisation - Fill out and return to us when submitting your port request.

Phone Number information

Local Numbers - Information about 01/02 Local Numbers.

0333 Numbers - Information about 0333 UK Wide Numbers.

0300 Numbers - Information about 0300 UK Wide Numbers.

0800 Numbers - Information about 0800 Freephone Numbers.

084 Numbers - Information about 084 Service Numbers.