Make A Call Logs

Viewing your outbound logs

How many calls have you made? How long do they last for? What did they cost? Use the Dial Out logs to see detailed information on all your outbound calls.


Dial Through and VoIP Calls

The Make A Call Logs show calls made only via Make A Call.

If you're making outbound calls with Dial Through or VoIP Call, you'll find the call logs in those sections.

Keep track of the calls you've made

Follow the steps below to view an itemised break down of all the calls you've made:

  1. Log in by either clicking on the login button in the header or by going to
  2. Click on the Make a Call icon in the myTTNC header.

Click the 'Make a Call' icon in the header

  1. Click the View Logs link.

Click the 'View Logs' link

  1. The table will show the following information:
  • Play: If you've enabled Call Recording, you can play any recordings from the last 31 days.
  • Download: Download a copy of your recorded calls to listen to offline.
  • Time: What time you made the call.
  • Display Number: The TTNC number that was displayed on the handset of the person you called.
  • Caller: The landline or mobile you called out from.
  • Called: The number you called.
  • Durations: There are two figures shown here:
    • The first figure is how long you were on the call for. This includes the time it took for the called person to answer.
    • The second figure shows how long the call lasted once it was answered by the person you called.
  • Ringtimes: There are two figures shown here:
    • The first figure is how long it took you to answer the call.
    • The second figure shows how long it took for the person you called to answer.
  • Cost: How much the call cost you.
  • The next column shows the status of the call. We display the following:
    • Green: The call was successful.
    • Orange: You didn't answer your landline or mobile when we tried to connect.
    • Red: The person you called didn't answer.
    • Grey: The status of the call is unknown.
  • The final column is for additional information. Click the info icon to bring up the popup.

Filtering your Make A Call logs

You can filter your Make A Call logs to see exactly the information you want. Here are your options:

  • Date range: Use this to search a particular date range. Click on one of the date boxes to either type the dates or select from the calendar.
  • Status: View calls based on whether they were successful or not.

Click the Update Results button to filter the logs.


Use the controls to filter your logs

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