API Case Studies

API Case Study 1 - Call Tracking (CDR)

What was the challenge?

  • Identifying calls generated by paid online advertising or organic search is the missing link for many digital marketing companies.

  • Being able to prove the full impact of their work is the key to developing positive relationships with their customers.

  • Our client in particular was looking for a system that would give them call data for a variety of telephone numbers throughout their customer's campaigns.

Was there a solution?

  • Call data is freely available with any of our numbers and is normally accessed through the online control panel we've developed.

  • With the API however, it was possible for the client to set up call data reports to be generated automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • The call data they exported was then imported into their own reporting tools for them to present to their customers.

What happened?

  • Being able to show not just increases in web traffic but also demonstrate the volume of calls that were being generated by online activity meant our client had a complete picture.

  • This enables them to refine their customer's activity to improve its profitability.

  • With this solution our client has been able to secure business with a national network of second hand car dealers.

API Case Study 2 - Automation

What was the challenge?

  • Our client wanted to create a platform that would enable them to provide virtual telephone numbers to users within a highly regulated public sector.

  • A key requirement was that they needed a way to bill their customers on a Pay As You Go basis to minimise the risk of offering calls on a credit basis.

Was there a solution?

  • Our API offered the client the opportunity to automate the allocation and set up of numbers based on the results of an order through their own website.

  • The API also enabled the client to export call data after each call to calculate the call charges generated and deduct this from the users prepaid credit.

What happened?

  • The client has fully integrated their platform using our API so that their web orders are seamlessly allocating numbers to their users whenever one is required, setting up the forwarding destination and billing their users on a Pay As You Go basis powered by the supply of real time call data.

  • Previous attempts to implement and grow this service had been hampered with other providers because of the lack of automation.

  • Using TTNC's API has enabled the service to grow from less than 50 subscribers to over 1,000 subscribed users in the first 12 months.

API Case Study 3 - Dynamic Number Insertion

What was the challenge?

  • Our client wanted a supply of numbers that they would dynamically insert onto websites to track calls based on the keyword or PPC campaign that brought the visitor to that site.

  • The solution they were developing would be using several thousands of numbers in a bid to track unique visitors and gather comprehensive data on their journey.

Was there a solution?

  • We have a large capacity of numbers available that means we could support their solution using 0844 numbers, despite the high churn of numbers (each number was being used temporarily and then recycled).

  • In conjunction with our API it was also possible for the client to develop the means to allocate, set up and dynamically show numbers on their websites for each unique visitor and the channel they used to get to those websites.

  • Real time call data was also integrated with their reporting platform using our API.

What happened?

  • The client has gone on to supply their call tracking solution to some of the major companies in the tourist and leisure industries.

  • They are now one of the primary providers of this type of solution in the market.